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Leann DeHart: birthday visitation

Matt DeHart’s mother Leann has committed to write something every day for her son. She blogs at We will cross-post some of her pieces here; see the full archive at her site. This post is from day 94. Matt DeHart turned 32 on 11 June 2016, his fifth birthday in prison.

Day 94 Birthday visitation

12 June 2016

Today is Saturday. Today Paul and I were able to spend 7 hours with Matt on his birthday. We bought him a hamburger and ice cream from the vending machines and we talked about whatever we wanted to talk about.

The visitation room was fairly crowded but that did not impede upon our visit.
Matt said he he was so thankful for all the birthday cards, some books and some magazines. There are 100 guys in his section and he received two thirds of the mail at mail call this past week.:)

He was particularly touched by a supporter from LA who sent him 16 cards! Some of the guys in his section made a card and several signed it wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Today, we spoke about how blessed we all feel to have wonderful people all over supporting us. It makes us feel like we are holding hands across the world.

A very special and heartfelt thanks to the Courage Foundation for retweeting Matt’s birthday, for all the effort and love FreeAnons has done to support my son, AnonymousVideo for the commitment to sharing Matt’s information, and to all of Matt’s and our supporters who constantly check in on us and make us feel like we are all in this together.

Peace, love, and gobs of gratitude dear souls.

Happy Birthday, Matt. We are so proud of you!