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Update: Matt DeHart’s release and conditions

Matt is in a transitional program with a scheduled release date to Leann and Paul’s home on October 3rd, 2019.

In some ways the hardest part of his ordeal is yet to come. He will have to live under a list of over 20 onerous federal release conditions for a period of at least 10 years. As just one example, imagine taking classes, applying for a job, or working in any office environment if you were forbidden from using a computer or any other electronic device which could access the Internet. Imagine having to search to find the only mobile telephone carrier still offering 2G service because you are not allowed to have a phone which can access the Internet. Imagine a probation officer coming to inspect your house or your place of employment unannounced any time day or night. Imagine you are not allowed to have a beer or a glass of wine ever because all alcohol is forbidden even though you have never had a substance abuse problem. Imagine having every aspect of your daily life subject to inspection, dissection, and allegorical vivisection by the officials of the government who tortured you. Matt and his family express their deepest appreciation to Courage and to all those around the world who continue to support him.

Matt’s parents have started a fundraiser to help Matt transition out of prison, to help pay for education, dental work, counseling, and other costs. Help Matt with a donation here.